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Full service upholstery for your business or home is what we do...

Since 2005 ABC Upholstery has served the upholstery needs of our customers in the Las Vegas valley and the South West. We are a family owned and operated business.

"ABC Discount Upholstery is the best. Wow. My car looks better than brand new. I plan to sell the car tomorrow…the car sold to the first buyer at higher than asking price. Thank you ABC Discount. Expect a lot of calls from my friends." - GH

The best upholstery craftsmanship at a discount price - Our team of 12 upholstery craftsman are the very best at what they do. Most of them have grown up in the upholstery field learning their craft from true upholstery masters. 


Jose. The president of the company

They have spent countless hours learning the tools of their trade. In fact, we have a "craftsmen mentoring program" that allows the newest members of the team to pair up with the true masters of their craft. 

Whatever skill they need improvement on, we match them with the master of that skill (cutting, sowing, stitching, creating and using upholstery design templates, etc). The result? Whether you need your couch re-upholstered, your hotels furniture re-upholstered (or your office furniture), your car upgraded to that new look you've always wanted (or just repaired), your motorcycle seat repaired (or upgraded), your boat's upholstery repaired and/upgraded, the work performed will be by the finest upholstery craftsmen in Nevada. 

Show piece skill is what we do - Many of our customers bring us their classic cars for upholstery repair or for a complete restoration. Our upholstery team goes to work (using our upholstery restoration process) prepping the auto interior, repairing and restoring the upholstery foundation and restoring the cars interior to better than it's original factory condition. The result is a car that meets and exceeds the workmanship quality standards needed to compete in classic auto and hot rod shows. Our team is that good.

Show quality at a discounted price - The result of our auto restoration process is a car that can be shown at any classic car show. The owner can be assured that his car "will be a contender" for the show prize. That is an example of our "workmanship guarantee." You can be assured that the quality of our craftsmen's workmanship will be "show quality at a discounted price." We don't know how to do the work any other way. 

Our knowledge, skill and experience - Since we have worked on thousands of upholstery projects, we have become very experienced at knowing what type of fabric/material will best address your budget and design needs. We will help get the upholstery result you want at a surprisingly affordable price. By keeping our overhead low and putting our resources into helping you achieve your upholstery goals, you will save a lot of money.

Be sure to check out our furniture, auto, motorcycle and special projects libraries. You will see that we have worked on many upholstery repair, restore and replace projects. All on-time and on-budget.

We have over 10,000 discount design fabrics in our inventory. 

Call us today for a free quote and save money. 

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